Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Arrival in Canto

The Wind Crystal, and Missing Princesses!

Leaving behind the now-conquered oasis city of Sakahi, our heroes flew south on their new airship, stopping briefly at the capital of Canto to stock up on supplies before continuing southeast to the Great Plateau and the Wind Temple.

They arrived with no trouble, and promptly met with Sage Ro Ta Kaam, the surprisingly young sage of the Wind Temple, and filled him in on the situation. He was willing to let the party take the crystal, but warned that Canto was in no state to defend itself: The two most militarily mighty kingdoms of the Federation were on the verge of war with each other, each accusing the other of abducting their princess.

Neither kingdom had made any demands, which begs the question: where DID the two princesses go? Our heroes were given letters of introduction for both kingdoms as well as a map of that region of Canto, and left to resolve this mystery.



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