Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Canto Resolution

Princesses found, an agreement reached

Our heroes set off for the hunting lodge, following the river partway in the airship before landing and setting off on foot. They soon found the lodge, well-kept compared to the overgrown old trade road leading up to it, and approached.

There, they heard faint singing, and soon discovered it was princess Sen On Ren herself. They approached her and told her their story and intentions, and while she was initially hostile, she became more amiable once they revealed they were marked by the crystals. Soon, princess Ru Kas Vrai returned as well.

The princesses explained that they were both to be married off to men that disgusted them, for the purposes of political marriages between different kingdoms. Ru was to be married to a lazy noble who had no appreciation for warrior arts, while Sen was to be married to a cruel noble who abuses his servants, a situation that would surely lead to Sen disintegrating the noble with her magic if he dared raise his hand to her in anger.

After some discussion, Ru decided the most direct approach was the best one: to outright refuse the arranged marriages, and to discuss not only the alliance between Vrailia and Renann, but also to propose a marriage between herself and Sen to mend relations between their two kingdoms.

To do that, however, they needed the help of the party. With their letters of introduction from the Wind Sage and their crystal marks, their words would carry significantly more weight — in addition, they were able to use their captured suits of magitek armour to demonstrate the true danger of the Kalsh Empire to those who would be defending against it.

The heroes split up, some going to Renann and some to Vrailia, and it took a solid week of negotiating before they made any progress. Things worked out in the end, however, and the two kingdoms agreed to work together to face this outside threat, and even to call off the arranged marriages that caused the princesses to flee in the first place.

With a bundle of parting gifts from the princesses, our heroes are left to decide what to do next. They could cross the ocean again and visit the Fire Crystal in Medon once more, very near to one of the two Luna Gates that Kalsh is using to invade their world. Or they could travel north again, this time to the Gou Empire, home of the Water Crystal. There was also the Earth Crystal, the most distant of the other three, on the border between Valonne and Arinoa.



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