Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Destination: Canto

Sakahi falls to the Kalshan Empire!

Our heroes stood up against the initial assault by Kalshan forces long enough to escape before reinforcements arrived, and even scored a fresh suit of magitek armour for their troubles. However, once they took to the sky, they could see at least fifty more magitek armours on their way to Sakahi, accompanying the main body of the invasion force. On top of that, it wasn’t just Sakahi’s west gate that was attacked, but also the north and south gates. They fled east on the airship with Watts, Junius, and Thaos having rejoined them.

They discussed what to do next, and decided to fly south to the Federated Kingdoms of Canto, home of the Wind Crystal. Their destination is the Wind Temple, located on a vast forested plateau. Once there, they need to convince the sages to allow them to take the crystal for safekeeping, to prevent it from falling into Kalsh’s hands.



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