Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Into the Desert

In the arid desert of southern Gou

In their quest to gather more power and resources to prepare for open war with the Kalsh Empire, our heroes set their sights on the arid desert of the southern region of the Gou Empire, said to hold many rifts containing crystallized aether. By using a ritual found in the formula for crafting magical arms and armour, our heroes plan to focus the aether of a cluster of crystals into a single shard, which can then be used to further increase the potency of their weapons and armour.

They bought passage on an airship across the Central Ocean and found themselves in the river town of Sakahi, where they stocked up on water and supplies before setting out across the desert. The trip was dreary, hot, and uneventful, but they did meet a pair of esper archaeologists and their guards, who wanted to trade for water.

They had managed to avoid danger so far, but they’re not out of the desert just yet.



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