Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Kalsh Invades!

The Dhorme chimera slain, crystal shards acquired, and a war begun

Our heroes handily and easily defeated the chimera of Dhorme Plateau, and even rescued a wounded beastkin hunter named Resh in the process, who was thought dead after his party was attacked and scattered by the chimera. Having fulfilled their end of the deal and more, our heroes returned to the rift.

There, they shared the ritual for creating crystal shards and using them to enchant weapons and armour, and were given access to the crystals in the rift. From the clusters there, they were able to acquire five more shards, bringing them up to six total. However, when they emerged from the rift, they saw a disturbing sight: a continuous stream of points of light streaking across the sky and coming down toward the southwest, an indication that a Luna Gate nearby was being used, and in huge numbers!

This could only mean that the Kalsh Empire had begun its invasion of Arald and would be moving to capture the four crystals. With the help of a trio of rift beastkin hunters on loan from the elder, our heroes crossed the desert swiftly and without issue. However, the same day they arrived, Sakahi came under attack by a huge force of Kalsh soldiers!

During the battle, an airship flew in low, dropping off Thaos and Junius — the latter now piloting a repaired and enhanced suit of magitek armour — and joined the battle, helping turn the tides of battle!

However, the main body of the force was on its way, and retreat on the airship seems inevitable for our heroes…



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