Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Plans for the next adventure

Interrupted by a monster hunt!

Our heroes decided that their next best course of action would be to gather more crystal shards to further strengthen their arsenal. To do so, they’d have to find one of the many rift canyons scattered around Arald, most of which seem to be clustered in the southern reaches of the Gou Empire, in an arid region. As our heroes planned out their next trip, a panicking villager came to them for help!

A large shipment of salted fish was bound north for another town when it was attacked by a malboro. Everyone made it away safely, and the malboro took all the fish, but the real danger was a malboro this close to civilization. Malboros are normally reclusive creatures that stick to their swamps, but this one had come as far as the boreal forest near Gilbridge and was brazen enough to attack humans for food. It had to be put down!

With the promise of a reward from the Monster Hunters’ Guild, our heroes set out and tracked it to the nearby woods, where they followed its sproutlings to a clearing where the malboro had stashed the stolen salted fish. There, they fought a pitched battle against the foul creature, but came out victorious. They were rewarded a handsome sum for defeating such a dangerous monster, which would help fund their long trip to southern Gou.



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