Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Return to Gilbridge

Reunion with old friends

Having successfully mapped out and left the ruins on the south coast of Bolla’s Domain, our heroes booked passage on an airship back to Gilbridge to see if Watts could do anything with that adamantine the party found. Watts agreed to craft weapons for them, and said there was enough adamantine for a greatsword for Danava and a longsword for Iruc, with enough left over for a dagger for anyone to use. Thaos wanted help from Watts and Junius to fix up the mining tool he retrieved from the large mining automaton, but in the meantime, asked for Su Nen’s help in performing a ritual to enchant a light crossbow for Aisling.

The purpose of the trip was to accumulate wealth and power in order to ready themselves for the inevitable war when the Kalsh Empire finally invades Arald and comes after its crystals. Do our heroes feel ready? The Empire might come knocking even if they aren’t, and Gilbridge is mere days away on foot from the southern Luna Gate.

The other two gates are in even less hospitable places: The far north of Arinoa, and the middle of the desert in southern Gou. Are they worth investigating, or should the heroes travel through the Luna Gate by Gilbridge and take a look around themselves? What of the elezen sage Diodore, who said he was going to try and find Anfini’s missing water crystal?



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