Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Rift discovered!

A meeting and a deal with a beastkin elder

After nearly a week of trudging through the desert, our heroes finally found what they were looking for: A rift! Specifically, one of the aether-rich rifts known for their crystal growths. A tribe of rift beastkin, known for their strange magical powers, built their village here, and our heroes met with their elder.

The elder struck a deal with the party: In exchange for slaying the chimera that has been terrorizing the village and killing travelers, and sharing the ritual to create crystal shards, our heroes would be given access to the deep rift where the crystal clusters grow and would be allowed a share of treasure from the chimera’s hoard.

The chimera has claimed a beastkin temple built on sacred ground to the northeast of the village, in a place called Dhorme Plateau. Our heroes had best prepare for a tough battle, as chimeras are known for their ferocity.



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