Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

South Coast Ruins part 2

A clockwork automaton factory!

Exploring deeper into the ruins, our heroes traveled to two rooms marked on Steim Donnegal’s map. The first contained a spherical device that Steim’s team was unable to identify, but Thaos correctly identified it as a barrier generator of some sort, and one significantly more advanced than the ones the Kalsh Empire uses. Iruc suggested that this barrier must have been an aversion barrier, which creates a field that plants a mental suggestion to stay away, rather than generating a physical barrier.

They moved on to a room marked on Steim’s map as being for controlling local weather and the flow of aether in the region, but the devices had since failed and were non-functional. Moving on to the next sealed door, our heroes were immediately attacked by a horde of clockwork automatons! Partway through the battle, a gigantic clockwork colossus appeared, complicating the fight!

Fortunately, with clever tactics and the exploiting of weaknesses, our heroes triumphed. The room appeared to be a factory of some sort, specifically for the construction of clockwork automatons. They found a non-functional device in the corner for moving raw material from one place to another, suggesting the presence of a mine as part of the ruins.

Only one sealed door remains!



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