Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

South Coast Ruins part 3

Discovering the mines

Our heroes opened the third and final sealed door in the ruins. This hallway led deeper into the mountain and led to what appeared to be a mine, full of possibly-inactive clockwork automatons designed for mining. Bypassing them without a fight, our heroes then discovered a slick and slimy alcove that might be home to some kind of burrowing monster. Fortunately, the monster was nowhere to be found.

Moving on, they reached a dead end with a huge clockwork miner and what appeared to be a vein of adamantine. On approaching, the clockwork miner reactivated and attacked, but it was handily defeated with some teamwork and luck. In addition to 12 pounds of adamantine, a thunder-blasting device used to break rock was also taken from the clockwork miner — it would take time and work to fix it and make it man-usable, but it could be useful.

With the ruins completely mapped out, our heroes have only one task left: Leave the ruins.



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