Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

The Missing Princesses of Canto

Vrailia Castle

Our heroes arrived swiftly and safely at Castle Vrailia and were greeted by none other than Re Kas Vrai, the youngest prince of Vrailia. He seemed cheerful and pleasant despite the feud with Renann and his missing sister, and went on to explain to the party that the feud began about a century ago, when there was a border dispute between Vrailia and Renann that turned bloody, resulting in the deaths of the then-crown princes of both kingdoms. The feud has simmered since then, but never boiled over into outright war. However, with the beloved princesses of both countries missing at the same time, tensions were running high.

He helpfully guided the heroes to Princess Ru Kas Vrai’s chambers, where they investigated for clues. The two major clues they found — the princess’s missing heirloom sword, the fiery Jvaala, and a missing necklace that was a gift from Princess Sen On Ren — suggested that there was no abduction, and that Princess Ru had in fact run away by herself.

The only place Prince Re could think of that was common to both was the hunting lodge in the woods near the border that the two princesses had spent a few summers at. The prince then suggested they speak with Fo Os Ret, former guard captain and current huntmaster, who personally taught Princess Ru how to hunt and track.

Fo was initially reluctant to speak, but after being shown the magitek armour used by the Kalshan Empire that Canto would be facing in battle, he was more cooperative. He shared the location of the hunting lodge, twelve miles west down the Slug River, then north at the broken stone bridge, along the old trade road.

Our heroes planned to depart immediately for the hunting lodge, seeking to end the feud as swiftly as possible.



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