Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

The Truth About the Desert Ruins

Not a ruin, but a ship!

Our heroes ventured forth into the ruins, and soon discovered that they were not a facility or building, but a ship! A light transport ship, to be specific, made to deliver cargo or troops from one place to another at high speeds. Not only that, but it was also Iruc’s home ship, the place he was originally assigned. What he was doing at that weather monitoring facility in the mountains remains a mystery.

They turned the tables on an ambush and made short work of the last of the Kalshans keeping watch on the place, and on finding the bridge, discovered a pair of Kalshan engineers cowering there. They begged to be spared, and explained that they were just trying to repair the ship and get it flying again.

The party did in fact spare them, and even conscripted their help to get it running again. Watts and Junius soon joined in, and work sped along. Hopefully they would get the ship flying again before Kalshan reinforcements showed up, and hopefully the two engineers won’t betray them.



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