Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Battle in the Desert Sky!

The Kalshan Air Force

After spending a few days crafting and sorting out their supplies, our heroes made a choice: The Water Crystal would be their next destination. However, on the way, they decided to investigate a rumor they heard from a group of archaeologists they encountered in the desert, back when they were searching for the beastkin-inhabited rift.

There was a rumor about an Ancient ruin in the desert that was still sealed off, something recently revealed by the shifting sands, not far from their initial path. Figuring that the detour wouldn’t take much time, they decided to investigate.

They took a roundabout route to avoid Kalshan-occupied Sakahi, and soon spotted a large metal structure shining in the desert — but were suddenly attacked by three scout-model flying magitek armours! Our heroes made clever and precise use of their magic to dispose of the pilots, sending the armours crashing to the desert sand.

What waits for them at the ruins? Did the Kalshans already find it?



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