Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

The beginning of something truly excellent
New friends, Sage Arrit, the crashed ruins, and a new ally

Our crystal-marked heroes, guided by visions, advice, or fate, converged on the abode of the great sage Manaba Arrit, former companion to the holy knight Seth who overthrew Emperor Garm I a century ago. Known for providing guidance to those marked by the crystals, she invited them into her home and charged them with a task: investigate the ruins of the Ancients that had fallen from the sky mere days earlier.

Once there, they found a new ally: an arbos, decayed from years of disuse. Using a crystal shard given by Sage Arrit, our heroes reactivated the arbos, which introduced itself as being friendly. From there, the ruins still needed a thorough sweep, and there was still the manticore out there that the sage warned about…


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