Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

Manticore Ambush!
A surprisingly easy battle

Our heroes spent some time in the ruins deciphering what they could find in the various rooms and with what little information they could gather from the damaged and malfunctioning Ancient devices. It took time, but they managed to discern that this set of formerly-flying ruins were designed to both monitor and control the weather in the area — and if the weather at Isla Sola is no longer being controlled, will that mean more storms are on the way?

Regardless, the heroes gathered their loot and departed the ruins. However, they were met at the exit by a new companion, who helpfully alerted them to an ambush — the manticore was right above them! The creature attacked and attempted to scatter the group, but thanks to their tactics and skill, the monster was slain in seconds.

Our heroes got to know their new ally, also a crystalmarked individual guided here, and began the hour-long walk back to Sage Arrit’s home.

Battle in the Ruins!
Assaulted by clockwork soldiers!

Introductions to their new friend were cut short when our heroes were assaulted by the guardian of the ruins: clockwork automatons, neglected over the millennia, but still deadly! Despite being outnumbered, the party emerged victorious and moved deeper into the ruins. They soon found a door that only opened for their new Arbos companion, and inside were some curious treasures that had survived preserved in there for thousands of years, and may still be useful to them.

They didn’t come out unscathed, however, and may need time to recover. This will also give them time to examine and test out their newfound items, perhaps name their Arbos ally, and get to know each other a little better.

There’s still the matter of that manticore that Sage Arrit warned about, though. It was too large to enter the ruins, but it could still be lurking outside, waiting for an opportunity…

The beginning of something truly excellent
New friends, Sage Arrit, the crashed ruins, and a new ally

Our crystal-marked heroes, guided by visions, advice, or fate, converged on the abode of the great sage Manaba Arrit, former companion to the holy knight Seth who overthrew Emperor Garm I a century ago. Known for providing guidance to those marked by the crystals, she invited them into her home and charged them with a task: investigate the ruins of the Ancients that had fallen from the sky mere days earlier.

Once there, they found a new ally: an arbos, decayed from years of disuse. Using a crystal shard given by Sage Arrit, our heroes reactivated the arbos, which introduced itself as being friendly. From there, the ruins still needed a thorough sweep, and there was still the manticore out there that the sage warned about…


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