This game takes place on the moons of a gas giant planet. The inhabitants of Arald, one of the moons of this gas giant, call it Emla-Sifa, or Emla for short, meaning the Storm Giant, or the Storm for short. This is because of Emla’s constantly swirling clouds, enormous whirling storms, and lightning flashes visible from the moons on the unlit side.


From what astronomers can tell, the first moon of Emla is a rocky world with many mountains, and volcanoes that glow in the night. Due to the lack of forests and oceans, the first moon is thought to be an uninhabitable wasteland.


Arald is a world much like our Earth, with varied geography, oceans, mountains, deserts, forests, plains, and four seasons. The main difference is that it is just one of several moons of Emla. The inhabitants of this world have realized, thanks to advances in astronomy, that the world they live on is just the moon of a much larger world, and is the second moon. This is what the average evening view looks like on Arald.


Anfini is the third moon of Emla. From Arald’s surface, Anfini appears as a blue-and-green dot, becoming more detailed as their orbits near. With their telescopes, astronomers have been able to see that like Arald, Anfini is home to forests, oceans, and deserts. They have also noticed shapes and patterns that appear to be cities.


Albel is the fourth moon of Emla. Despite being farther away than Anfini, astronomers can also tell that Albel has similar geographical features, such as oceans and forests. Because of its distance, more details are impossible to discover.


The fifth moon of Emla is a distant world with a very slow orbit. While astronomers have observed the telltale blue and green of oceans and forests, it is unknown if it is inhabited.


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