Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

SESSION TIMES: Game day is Sunday of every week at 7 PM Eastern time, unless extenuating circumstances or obligations get in the way. If I cancel a session, I will try to give at least a few days of notice.

Worlds: This page details the various worlds the game takes place on.
The Planes: This page explains the setting’s spiritual planes and how it differs from the standard D&D model.
Character Creation: This page is especially important because this game does not use any races from the Player’s Handbook, and instead uses a set of homebrew races.
House Rules: Read this to learn what rules are different from the standard game. Of special note is the Heroism rule, which replaces Inspiration.
Level Up Checklist: This page contains a guide to help you level your character up quickly and efficiently.
Party Inventory: This page contains a list of unclaimed items and key items.

Party Level: 7