Adventure Luna 4 ~Rebirth~

First Encounter with the Kalsh Empire


With the refugees safe and sound in the nearby port city of Gilbridge, our heroes spoke with Diodore about the crystals, noting that humes and their language are common to both their worlds, and that Arald, Anfini, and Albel each have their own set of four crystals. However, their discussion was cut short — lights in the sky from Anfini signaled the arrival of Kalsh Empire forces, likely a scouting party!

At Diodore’s urging, they set an ambush and managed to take the Imperials by surprise. Even with the element of surprise, however, the battle was hard-fought — the presence of a suit of Magitek Armour, a walking siege engine powered by magic, made the battle even harder.

However, our heroes triumphed and managed to capture both an enemy mage and the magitek armour’s pilot — and they kept the magitek armour in working order. Now it was just a matter of getting their prisoners back to town for interrogation.

And what are they going to do with that magitek armour? Nobody in the party knows how to pilot it, and Diodore hasn’t been trained in its operation, either.



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